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FAQ’s for better understanding

No matter how good your knowledge is in any subject matter, there are people who struggle to gather proper information about the process and probably would like to know or ask about it. That gives a fair reason for us to put forward frequently asked questions for better understanding.

Bin Hire FAQ's
01. What type of skip bin do I go for?

The type of skip bin you select depends on the type and quantity of waste your have. Call our dedicated helpline to know about the perfect skip bin for the job. For general understanding, waste can be bifurcated as:

  • Hazardous and Non Hazardous
  • General Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Soli and dirt
  • Commercial waste
  • Metallic waste
02. What type of waste would not go in the skip bin?

We accommodate all most every kind of waste other than asbestos.

03. How much would it cost to hire a skip bin?

The cost depends on the type of skip you choose, for more details contact us and get the exact quote.

04. For what time duration can I keep the skip bin?

Normally waste removal is a time consuming task hence, we give 3 to 4 days in order for you to get your waste removed completely

05. What if I want to keep the bin for longer period?

Yes, you can keep the bin for longer time period at an extra cost of $10 per day.

06. What is the minimum passage required to keep the bin?

The minimum passage depends on the type of the bin selected, to get complete details kindly contact us and we would explain it to you.

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